Jorge Orta

Jorge Orta

Jorge Orta created a projection on the University of Tampa in 2006, which transformed the space for one night.

"Art is a catalyst and factor in social transformation. This is the main idea that motivates and structures all my rojects. The historic Plant Hall building, on the grounds of the University of Tampa, interests me because of its historical role in the foundation of the city, and through its history, it condenses the memory of an entire town. This is the reason to create my Lights on Tampa Project, from and for the City of Tampa." -- Jorge Orta

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About The Artist

Jorge Orta (Rosario, Argentina 1953) lives in Paris. Artist and architect, Jorge Orta has been working on large-scale ephemeral works since 1973. Protagonist of an urban and social poetic language, he has developed many new and alternative forms to communicate: using mail art, video installations and performance in the early 70's, to large scale projections in the 80's. Over the last 20 years he has devised a polysemic alphabet of signs and symbols which allow him to address very diverse publics, and more recently he has been exploring the symbol "Heart" to consolidate art, mythology and science. Jorge's light projection work took on its veritable dimension in 1992 when he projected giant mobile images inside the Pompidou Centre in Paris and when he embarked on a human experience to project his signs on Machu Picchu Mountain in Peru. Since, he has covered the facades of the Venetian palaces at the 1995 Venice Biennale, and more obsolete places such as Capadoccia in Turkey, Cuenca in Spain, Aso volcano in Japan, Chartres and Evry cathedrals and many more.