Sky Striker - Traction Architecture

Sky Striker is inspired by the classic carnival game High Striker, the traditional 'test of strength' or 'strong-man' game where a participant swings and strikes a base with an oversized mallet causing a puck to shoot up a vertical chart and strike a bell that measures his/her strength.

Sky Striker is rigged much like the traditional High Striker game with a mallet and base and tower, however, rather than seeing your results on a lighted board, they appeared on the adjacent 31-floor Rivergate Tower.

Sky Striker is designed and engineered by Chris Jones of Freeman Co and was a temporary installation for Lights On Tampa 2015. 

The concept of Sky Striker was developed by Traction Architecture is an award-winning architecture practice in Tampa, Florida led by principals, Jody Beck, AIA and Ross-Alan Tisdale, AIA. Beck, who established the company in 2010, received a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from Brown University and a Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc. Tisdale, who joined Traction Architecture in 2012, received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Yale University and a Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc. The firm specializes in design for thoughtful living - the creation of modern, sustainable spaces that enhance the experience of the everyday.



Photography by Matt May

Title: Sky Striker

Concept By: Traction Architecture

Technical Advisors: Freeman Audio Visual

Dimensions: variable

Materials: 40 ColorBlast LED Light 6-Pack, antenna system, cables, transmitters, striker

Location: Rivergate Tower & Kiley Gardens   

Commissioning Agency: Public Art Alliance, SYKES Enterprises, City of Tampa’s Downtown CRA Community Advisory Committee