UP-LITA simple phrase can capture the essence of something or some place, it can elude, evoke, suggest and inspire. Encountering a phrase or words out of context in the streets of a city park can also invite the passer-by to remember a story, give the element of surprise, it can start a conversation, bring a smile or encouragement, make a memory, it can invite us in, but into what we may not be exactly sure.

This project recognizes the value of the written word and invited readers, poets, writers—professional and amateur alike—to submit a phrase that captures how we live now and what that means. A panel of jurors selected Tampa-based poet Silvia Curbelo’s phase from over 200 submissions.  It is intended that this project will continue calls to wordsmiths periodically issued for new phrases and installed at new locations.  

Silvia Curbelo is a poet and writer who was born in Matanzas, Cuba, but moved to United States with her parents as a young child. She is the author of three books of poetry, The Geography of Leavin, Ambush and The Secret History of Water. Her latest poetry collection, Falling Landscape, will be available early next year. 

Photography by Matt May

Title: UpLit

Words By: Silvia Curbelo

Jurors: Tim Dorsey; Norman B; Kerry O’Reilly

Dimensions of Sign: 13’ x  28’ x  8’

Materials: Aluminum support frame, PVC, LEDs, wiring, sandbags

Location for Lights On Tampa 2015: Kiley Gardens at the River

Past Installations:

-Tampa Convention Center (March 2015 - June 2015)

-Gasparilla Arts Month (through March 2015)

Commissioning Agency: City of Tampa, Public Art Program